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We get asked LOADS of quesions ALL the time here at TEAM about our classes Hopefully, this section will give you some answers. If you want to discuss them further, please call 07801 735000.


What will happen on my first day?
Before attending any of our classes you need to have registered your child through our online registration form.  On your first day please ensure you arrive for class on time, where your child will then be taken into the class by one of our qualified staff.  No parents will be allowed into the studio for any of our trials. The teacher or principal will speak to you after the trail or an email will be sent if there is a busy class change over.

Can I pay my child’s fees weekly?
All fees are paid termly, trial classes are a one off payments.   

Are parents/guardians aloud to watch the class?
Under no circumstances is anyone other than a qualified member of staff aloud in the class. This is not only for health and safety reasons but it can also be very disconcerting for the class.

How will I know if my child is progressing?
At the end of most terms all parents are invited to attend watching week to see how their child performs in a class situation.  We also hold exam sessions twice a year and take part in many events such as festivals, competitions and charity events. We run a bi-annual show where all children perform for friends and family at a large theatre.  At TEAM  ALL children are given the opportunity to perform at our events.

What should my child wear and can they bring a drink?
For the first 2 weeks we are happy for you to attend class in casual, comfortable, loose clothing with either the correct footwear or bare feet. Please do not wear tight fitting clothes, dresses, skirts, shoes or sandals, as it is important that you can move around easily in what you’re wearing. You may well get hot when dancing so bring a few layers. After attending for  2 weeks we will advise you where to purchase our uniform, this can also be found in 'Our Classes' tab. We advise that you always bring a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated, but please NO FIZZY DRINKS.

Will my child have the opportunity to take exams at TEAM?
TEAM is accredited with the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) and your child will have the opportunity to take dance exams once the principal thinks they are ready.

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